Promoting Fuel Racing in Canada

Nitro Nation Introduction and Mission

During the golden age of drag racing, fans came to the drag strip to see drivers with larger-than-life personalities settle scores on the 1/4 mile. Rivalries were battled and big smokey burn outs were all the rage.

Welcome to Nitro Nation and the new glory days of Canadian drag racing. Join us as we usher in a new era of All-Canadian drag racing entertainment! A revolution is coming and everything old will be new again.

Nitro Nation will showcase Canada's preeminent nitro fueled drag race teams. The series will deliver unique grass-root marketing opportunities that enable our partners to coonect with stakeholders as well as foster an environment that drives talent growth and progression. 


to enter in this run whatcha' brung, heads up, showdown of header flaming action! The ONLY rule is, the car must run on 80%+ nitromethane. Fuel will be checked after each run. There is no rules or limitations on engine combination, car style, weight, fuel pumps, nada! If it's burning 80% or better, it's legal and it's ON! Dragsters of any kind, altereds, funny cars, door slammers, if it's on fuel, BRING IT!