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Staggering NHRA Sponsor Affinity Information (Source: EventCorp Services, Inc.)

- 98% of event attendees feel positively about companies that sponsor the NHRA
- 89% of attendees try to support companies that sponsor the NHRA and NHRA teams
- All things being equal 88% of attendees are likely to purchase the product of a NHRA sponsor over that of a non-sponsor
- 66% of NHRA fans stated they have switched brands because the brand they switched to was a sponsor of the NHRA
- 91% of attendees are likely to take part in a promotion linked to Drag Racing

Castrol Raceway 2015 Update *
62% Male, 38% Female
79% Married or Living with Someone
94% Have Children Under 18
86% Post graduate Education
80% Full time Employment
46% Income over $75,000
57% Consider Themselves "SUPER FANS"
Attendance Demographics
Edmonton 30%
Calgary 25%
Red Deer 15%
Wetaskiwin 10%
Camrose 10%
Leduc 10%
Drag Racing has one of the sports Youngest fan bases compared to all other Motorsports (AGE)
Drag Racing provides one of the best sports marketing platforms to reach key male demos (Male 18-49)
Interests out side of Drag Racing
Joyce Julius reaffirms, “Automotive Sponsorship WORKS!”
While Joyce Julius and Associates measures the value for the sponsor as compared with equal time on TV commercials, she points to an example of her earlier days working at Domino's. In 1982, when people nationwide were asked to name the top three pizza distributors, Domino's was only named by 7% of those who responded. This type of survey, where people are asked to name the top three of something with no help from the interviewer is called unaided awareness. Their unaided awareness was 7%. Domino's was known on college campuses but never had a nationwide advertising campaign. In 1982, Domino's took their entire national advertising budget, which was still small, and bought an Indy Car instead. They used the money to put the Domino's logo on the car; they sponsored races and established a mobile pizza store that appeared at the races. Three years later, Domino's unaided awareness was 87%.
This increase occurred without ever buying a single ad.
Now that's exposure!

Racing Viewers Buying Habits:
People who watch motorsports are active consumers whose spending in key areas is greater that that of the general public.
This table shows the relationship of products purchased by racing fans versus purchases of the general public.
Product Category General Population Racing Viewers Percentage Increase
Automotive products purchased last year
Auto tools 7.0% 14.0% 100%
Car battery 9.0% 15.1% 67.7%
Tires 6.5% 8.7% 33.8%
Shock Absorbers 4.5% 7.6% 68.8%
Spark Plugs 19.2% 29.0% 51%
Self Installed:
Motor Oil 56.6% 71.4% 26.3%
Oil Filter 44.0% 58.1% 32.0%
Anti-freeze 35.1% 48.7% 38.7%
Beverage consumption:
8+ soft drinks per wk. 18.6% 36.2% 94.6%
sport drinks 25.7% 44.6% 73.5%
Business decision maker for:
Telephone equipment 5.8% 7.7% 32.7%
Computer/Software 2.2% 6.5% 195.4%
Cellular phones/fax equipment 6.5% 13.5% 141.0%
Owns 3+ cars 22.5% 37.6% 67.1%
Eats fast food 10+ times per month 33.7% 43.0% 27.6%
Eats delivered food 10+ times per month 35.6% 51.0% 43.2%
Own a set of tools 96%
Perform own vehicle maintenance 91%
Purchase aftermarket items from parts stores/mail orders 79%
Plan to buy a car or truck in the next 12 months 32%
Are beer consumers 79%
Are soft drink consumers 94%
Will purchase from a convenience store two times per week 76%