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Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaigns are comprehensive sponsorship packages that can combine aspects from our Displays and Corporate Events or can be entirely unique and custom tailored to meet your needs. Marketing Campaigns offer you the freedom to collaborate with us or let us take the lead and organize everything you need to ensure the campaign is a success. From a single weekend to a season long marketing and branding endeavour, our campaigns achieve your marketing objectives.

Dark Side Racing Marketing Campaigns:
•Enhance your corporate image
•Promote internal good will among your employees
•Reach high caliber people of influence, many of whom are leaders in their professions and/or corporate executives
•Foster better relationships with your customers by creating loyalty to the Dark Side Racing Team.
*Dark Side Racing puts in the required time and effort to go above and beyond what the customers expectations are.
•Create greater public awareness and excitement​

In the example below Dark Side Racing outlines our month long, Fire Up For Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign
1) Dark Side Racing Display and Engine Fire Up at Fountain Tire - Northland Sept 10, 2015
2) Fire Up For Prostate Cancer Awareness Tail Gate Party Sept 18, 2015
3) Calgary Stampeders President Gord Norrie in the cockpit of the Dark Side Racing Top Fuel Dragster for a 5pm Fire Up at Calgary Stamps VS BC Lions Tail Gate Party.
4) Calgary philanthropist Brett in the cockpit of the Dark Side Racing Top Fuel Dragster for a 6:15pm Fire Up at Calgary Stamps VS BC Lions Tail Gate Party.
5)Calgary Harley-Davidson's Fire Up For Prostate Cancer Awareness BBQ, Fire Up with Jon Cornish, Band and Demo Rides Sept 26, 2015

Media Coverage
1) Stamps TV - Fire Up with Gordon Norrie Posted September 22, 2015
Video -

2) QR77 Live Broadcast. You can listen to it on QR77 Audio Vault: Here’s the link for QR77 Audio Vault and instructions to access the conversation: Date September 18, Audio Time, 5 PM.Fast forward to the 36:20 minute mark to hear Sport Talk's Jock Wilson and Mark Stephen comment on the warm up. We light it up on Nitro at the 40:00 minute mark - Jock and Mark struggle to hear themselves over the roar of the engine! 44:15 is the lead in to the interview with PROSTAID/Prostate Cancer Canada Network Calgary President Dave Lunn

3) Interview with CJ92 Gerry Forbes. Aired Sept 18 -- Audio -

4)Online Article - Drag Race by Bruce Biegler "A Different Stomp for Stamp! Oct 7, 2015

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Calgary Stampeder Outriders Quinn Smith, Edmonton Auto Show