Promoting Top Fuel Racing in Western Canada


The Outlaw Top Fuel  (OTF) was formed by a group of dedicated racers and enthusiasts, to ensure the continuation of the Top Fuel racing on an affordable and sustainable basis.
Intended primarily as a demonstration/exhibition Class, it is intended that entertainment should be paramount for spectators, 
To ensure that Big Pump Nitro Racing survives, the Regulations have been framed to put a ‘cap’ on the cost of running Fuel , by attempting to ensure that the cars produce enough power to produce spectacular, side-by-side racing, without stressing the components to destruction levels. 
Open to IHRA TF-TFFC, NHRA TF-TFFC and Fuel Altereds.rumnning 5.0 sec and slower.

General Regulations:
A. All participants, crews, drivers, spectators, and officials shall adhere to the NHRA/IHRA Championship Rulebook. The NHRA?IHRA Rulebook shall be the foundation for all competition in the Outlaw Top Fuel unless otherwise stated in this rules supplement.
B. Prime responsibility for the safe condition and operation of a vehicle in competition rests with the vehicle owner, driver, and crewmembers. Close observance of the standards set forth in this rules supplement and the NHRA Rulebook is required for all participants, including owners, drivers, and crewmembers. However, drag racing is dangerous. Therefore, no express or implied warranty of safety is created from publication of, or compliance with OTF Rules Supplement or NHRA/IHRA rules, nor does compliance with either guarantee against injury or death to participants.
C. Drag racing is a dangerous sport. There is no such thing as a guaranteed safe drag race. Drag racing always carries with it the risk of serious injury or death in any number of ways. This risk will always exist no matter how much everyone connected with drag racing tries to make our sport safer. Although NHRA/IHRA works to promote and enhance the safety of the sport, there are no guarantees that such safety measures will guarantee or ensure safety. The participant always has the responsibility for the participant’s own safety, and by participating in drag racing, the participant accepts all risks of injury, whether due to negligence, vehicle failure, or otherwise. If at any time a participant does not accept these risks, the participant agrees not to participate in drag racing.
D. The NHRA/IHRA Rulebook and OFAA Rules Supplement provide guidelines and minimum standards for the construction and operation of vehicles used in OFAA, NHRA Drag Racing and at member-track events. Additional safety equipment or safety-enhancing equipment is always permitted and the levels of safety equipment stated in the NHRA Rulebook and OFAA Rules Supplement are minimum prescribed levels and do not prohibit the individual racer from using additional safety equipment. Participants are encouraged to investigate the utility of additional safety devices.
 E. It is the responsibility of the participant, not OTF, or NHRA or its member tracks, to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn and maintained. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure participant’s race vehicle meets or exceeds the safety equipment requirements set forth in the OTF Rules Supplement and the NHRA Rulebook prior to, during and throughout event. OTF will not be held responsible for damages resulting from participant or vehicle disqualification due to inability to pass technical inspection. NHRA/IHRA member track technical officials hold ultimate authority in technical inspection approval or denial. OTF does not have the authority to override member track technical officials. 
 F. The participant agrees that by entering and participating in an event, the participant has had the opportunity to inspect the event site and acknowledges that the event site is safe and suitable for racing. The participant agrees that he or she will not participate in the event if he or she does not believe that the event site is safe and suitable for racing. The participant further agrees that by entering and participating in an event, the participant has had the opportunity to ascertain the staff and equipment on hand, including without limitation number and location of personnel and number and type of rescue equipment, and acknowledges that the staff and equipment are adequate and suitable for racing. The participant agrees that he or she will not participate in the event if he or she does not believe that the staff and equipment are safe and suitable for racing. The participant also acknowledges that by participating in the event, the participant may suffer bodily injury or death or loss or damage to property. The participant further acknowledges that the participant has voluntarily assumed the risk of bodily injury or death. 
G. Participants hereby grant OTF and its assignees (a) full and unconditional permission to make still or motion pictures and any other type(s) of audio or visual recordings of their and their vehicle’s participation in the event and their activities at the site of the event before, during, and after the event and reasonably related to the event; and (b) the exclusive, worldwide and perpetual rights to use the same, together with their names, likeness, and biographies of participants, and the names, likeness, and date of, or relating to, their entered vehicles for publicity, advertising, exhibition or exploitation, whether or not for profit, in print, audio, video, and other communications media by reproduction and sale or other distribution by any and all means.
Requirements & Specifications:
 A. Credentials: Valid NHRA and IHRA competition license, minimum Special Fuel , mandatory as outlined in NHRA Amendment Rulebook.

B. Vehicle, driver and crew shall comply with NHRA/IHRA Rulebook, Section xxx



C. Wheelbase Minimum 100 inches, maximum 125 inches, bodied cars. Dragster maximum 300 inches. Measured on long side.

D. All chassis must have current certification.


E. Roots-type supercharger mandatory, maximum size 14/71 Std. Blower restraints 14.3   No screw type superchargers or nitrous oxide injection.
I. Engine diaper required.
L. Fuel Alterd - Front wing overhang: Not to exceed 50" measured from the front spindle.
N. Matching crew/team uniforms/shirts shall be worn at all times while in the staging lanes, in the starting area and while on the racing surface.
 All participants are to behave in a professional and respectful manner. No behavior that could be detrimental to the OTF mission statement or the good public image of the OTF or the NHRA/IHRA will be tolerated. No behavior that does not further the goal of family oriented entertainment or is detrimental to the member track, sponsors, other racers, fans etc will be allowed. OTF reserves the right to expel members that violate this standard of conduct. At all OTF events the participant is bound by and shall abide by the decisions of the event director, the event directors designee(s) and other IHRA/NHRA/OTF or other member track officials. All decisions made by the above noted officials are deemed final
Membership & Entry Fees
 Membership is required prior to participating in any OFAA event. Membership shall cover a calendar year. The OTF Membership fee is $xxx.00.
Entry Fees:
Free entry for car + driver and xxx crew.